This book is so inspiring as the author created it after seeing a need in his classroom. I have three kids - ages 7, 9, and 11 who all grabbed this book out of my hands to read as soon as it arrived. We were able to have meaningful conversations about math concepts - absolute value, prime numbers, codes, and more - in a fun and engaging way. I am a social studies teacher who sees much success in using comics in the classroom as a literacy tool - using it for math shows the unlimited potential for this medium. This book is full of imaginative and action-packed stories, even an entire entry in traditional text, that can stand alone even without the math. The superhero team is intentionally diverse and they teach about team work on their journey as well. I found myself laughing through the puns and was continually impressed by the historical (and cited!) references as well. This book is great for home, school, and library. The author also includes sample lesson plans, an online source, and connections to common core standards. The stated intended grades are 4-8, but this book can be used for all levels - even in college ed courses to teach about exciting and engaging pedagogy. The book even begins with several pages of instruction on how to read a comic - this is something that is often overlooked when not familiar with the medium of comics. This is an amazing resource that can be purchased and implemented the very next day in the classroom. If you are a comics fan, you will recognize many of the names involved in this project - including Gene Ha!



There are a total of 8 titles on this series focusing on: whole numbers, money, distance and measurement, time and temperature, fractions, multiplication and division, geometry, probability. Each are about 45 pages and cost around $7.00. There are math based problems in each book that need to be solved to move the story along. The books are colorful and beautifully drawn and would appeal to students. The author is a match teacher.