The begins with a small child who gets Meningitis. As a father to a son who has Mollarett's Meningitis, I was struck hard from the very beginning. He went through many of the same tests and ordeals as the main character. However, unlike my son, she loses her hearing. The main character then has to learn how to adjust to a hearing aid, a new school, etc. This story really gives an amazing insight into a world that most of us have no experience with and cannot fathom. Really a great learning tool for many reasons - being kind and empathetic, understanding how we are all different, finding your people and acceptance. As a teacher and a parent, this book was amazingly eye-opening. She is able to turn her disability into a superpower and identifies with Batman and his tech... As an autobiographical story, I found this book empowering and love it!


The art and writing in this book are absolutely stunning. There is violence, guns, and some sexual situations, so certainly for older readers.
Echo is introduced in this title - she is deaf and a Native American who is struggling with her identify. During the story, she and Daredevil fall for each other and help each other to interpret the world around them, as he is blind and she cannot hear.


This ongoing comic centers on a hero with split personality disorder and interacts with Ancient Egyptian gods. A visually stunning book that keeps you guessing. I have read letters to the editor from people who are also suffering form mental disorders who were so happy to see representation in this comic.