Free Comics - let me know if you have others to add! This is created by Pop Culture Classroom - an amazing organization! I have written some of the lesson plans/teacher resources as well. These are based on people/events in US history - they can be used for any grade level.

All about the Federal Reserve - published by the Federal Reserve!

WWII - How to Spot a Jap -  - this horribly racist comic from the US War Dept was also published in USA newspapers.

1951 Civil Defense comic book - If an A-bombs Falls

1954 Civil Defense comic book - The H bomb and You -

NASA comics - - The Montgomery Story. This is a comic that was distributed during the US Civil Rights Movement and teaches the methods of non-violent resistance. MLK, Jr. helped edit it. - Marshall Islands and climate change research. What will happen to the Pacific Islands as sea levels rise? Drawn by the amazing Nate Powell of March fame. - this includes an amazing comic on Gallipoli in WWI - free downloadable comics from Nigeria! Compare US hero comics to these as a cultural learning experience in the classroom there are some freebies in with the paid comics some freebies - older comics that have entered the public domain - fascinating! - another for comics in the public domain
- Make a mini comic from one piece of paper! Posted by the Smithsonian! - Free Marvel comic teaching about the environment - Diamond Bookshelf Magazine. Great resource for educators and librarians. I have written several articles for them - how to get comics approved for the classroom, integrating historical fiction, and more.
/ - Fred Korematsu - Japanese-American Interment Camps - includes a free graphic novel making connections between 9/11 and these iternment camps