Welcome to my journey of using comics to engage students


I am excited to share my journey in using comics and graphic novels in the content area classroom to create engaged analytical readers and writers.  I have presented at comic cons, educational conferences, universities, and school in-services.  Let me know if you'd like me to come and present at your school.

Comic Resources = my blog where I write about my lesson plans and experiences in the classroom.  The Wiki is a categorized filing system of the graphic novels I own - organized by subject area.  If you have suggestions for me to read and/or include, please contact me.  If you use some of my lessons, are inspired by them, or want to share your own, please contact me.  

In The News - this includes videos of my classroom, magazine articles I have written, etc.

@historycomics - I Tweet about my comics inspiration in the classroom and am quick to respond.

historycomicsguy@gmail.com - this is the email I use for all comics and education related questions and suggestions - PLEASE feel free to contact me. 

Facebook - Comic Book Teachers - come join with us as we share ideas on using comics in education.

Be a true superhero - help fund my ability to buy comics and share resources on how to use them in education - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4197002