Use a single piece of paper to make an entire comic book - lesson by the Smithsonian - also great examples. - -- BEST TO USE! But can only make a figure - not a comic. I have my students create heroes from history and use items on the site for symbolic uses.

Below is a website that gives several options for Apps to create comics: - -this is an interactive avatar.

Storyboardthat -

Sock Puppet App for Apple. 30 to 90 second videos with talking sock puppets -- 30 second clips are free.

Create comics with Chogger -

Witty Comics creator -

veescope live -- neat app that allows students to present in front of images - like a green screen. This is an app.

Google Draw -

GoAnimate --

Comic Book Toon Tastic -

Pixton -

ToonDoo -

Storyjumper -

Marvel Superhero Creator - Marvel Superhero Creator