Reading Level - high school

Teacher Thoughts
My AP Euro students absolutely love this book - the reading about Marx is funny and witty - but it also explined his writings well.
Lesson Ideas
Below are the questions I have the students answer using specific examples from the text:
1. What creates value in a commodity?
2. How do capitalists benefit from commodities?
3. “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” Explain
4. How can the proletariat free itself from bourgeoisie domination?
5. Briefly explain how Marx modified Hegel’s dialectic theory.
6. Capitalist/Western nations have capitulated to the proletariat (unions, minimum wage, child labor laws, etc) – why is this not acceptable to Marx?
7. Why have the capitalists moved into the third world? What do people in these areas share with the workers of Marx’s time?
8. What is the issue Marx has with educated radicals preaching Marxism?
9. In three sentences – explain why milk is cheaper than gold.
10. Overall – give me your personal reaction to this assignment. Anything stand out?


Reading Level - MATURE audiences only - not appropriate for school in its entirety - but excerpts could be used.
Basic Premise
Sun Tzu is in charge of a large corporation - the Chinese are running the world's economics. The tenets of Tzu are incorporated throughout
the story and economic giants fight it out in the present to slight future world.
Teacher Thoughts
It was actually a challenging read with the plot twists - very engaging and well drawn.
Potential Issues
Male and Female nudity. Graphic violence.
Lesson Ideas
Have students choose a tenant of Tzu and create a comic strip in an alternate reality.