Free Comics - let me know if you have others to add!

This is a wonderful all-ages comic written by a friend of mine who also wrote her university thesis on comics in education. Ellie's giant heart and humor shine through in this comic that my own children adore. We will be hearing great things about Ellie in the near future, get a peek into her work as she breaks into the comics business! Ellie and her team are inspiring!-  




WWII - How to Spot a Jap -  - this horribly racist comic from the US War Dept was also published in USA newspapers.

1951 Civil Defense comic book - If an A-bombs Falls

1954 Civil Defense comic book - The H bomb and You -


NASA comics - - The Montgomery Story. This is a comic that was distributed during the US Civil Rights Movement and teaches the methods of non-violent resistance. MLK, Jr. helped edit it. - Marshall Islands and climate change research. What will happen to the Pacific Islands as sea levels rise? Drawn by the amazing Nate Powell of March fame. - This is created by Pop Culture Classroom - an amazing organization! I have written some of the lesson plans/teacher resources as well. These are based on people/events in US history - they can be used for any grade level. - this includes an amazing comic on Gallipoli in WWI there are some freebies in with the paid comics some freebies - older comics that have entered the public domain - fascinating! - another for comics in the public domain
- Make a mini comic from one piece of paper! Posted by the Smithsonian! - Free Marvel comic teaching about the environment - Diamond Bookshelf Magazine. Great resource for educators and librarians. I have written several articles for them - how to get comics approved for the classroom, integrating historical fiction, and more.
/ - Fred Korematsu - Japanese-American Interment Camps